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I steped up on the scale today.. 80 kg fuck.. I have gained 6 kg since summer   the day seem to have been a day of love problems, two friends have talked all day about their love problems on MSN.. seems like im blessed to not have any problems, but as one of them said "You problem is you have no gf.." haha well yeah yeah but that’s because 没人想要一个青蛙。 But you know what? Im not sad about this, since right now I only count the days until february   Instead Im a bit sad that there is no training today because I have to go home and take care of somethings at...

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  The cold is getting better, just my throat left now, and I got some medicin for that so I think it will be alright soon. This weekend is "fathersday" and the Swedish Championships in Wushu. I won’t compete this year  due to to little practice (我不喜欢我的工作) and the fact that Im sick but that is ok, I don’t train to compete anyway, just to be strong   but I will ofcourse go there and watch and cheer for my friends who will...

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Still sick

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I’m still sick, still I work during the days. I sleep a bit longer in the mornings atleast but maybe I should stay in bed the entire day..   Spend the evening watching cartoons haha such stupid cartoons, I laughed alot  ok ok Im a bit childish haha but Its good to laugh.   Life is a cirkel of ups and downs, this is a down, so I wounder what life has cooked up for me around the corner..

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Sick again

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Damn, spent all night coughing instead of sleeping  suxxs, guess I have been pushing myself to hard lately.. practice in the morning and in the evening, working all day and parties.. stupid, I should take better care of myself. But I do have a very nice person who offers to take care of me when I’m sick, and even if it is not possible right now it makes me feel a little better knowing that someone cares  

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Catching a cold

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I think I’m getting sick again.. My throath dosn’t feel good at all

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I’m tired of being sick.. i want to practice…   两只老虎, 两只老虎跑得快,跑得快,一直没有耳朵一直没有尾巴真奇怪, 真奇怪。

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